Auswahl NOW18
group show
@Nidwaldner Museum, 10 Nov 2018 - 10 Feb 2019, Stans, CH

DAI kitchen
@Bauhaus, 9 March 2019, Dessau, GER

DAI Graduation Act
@Silent Green, 23 - 25 May 2019, Berlin, GER

@KEINRAUM project space, opening: 31 Aug 2019, Lucerne, CH


How do stones grow?
DAI, kitchen presentation
@Coehoorn, 14 Oct 2018, Arnhem, NL

where all the aims cross
solo, in cavo No6
@Nidwaldner Museum, 30 Aug - 14 Oct 2018, Stans, CH
talk: 10 Oct 2018, 6pm

Release of a short video portrait by arttv.ch
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3 September 2018

open studios
with Olivia Abächerli, Nicolle Bussien, Alain Guillebeau, Adrian Hanselmann, Tamara Milosevic, Emile van Helleputte, Ernestyna Orlowska, Aldir Polymeris, Ines Marita Schärer and Christoph Schneeberger
@Schwob-Haus, 1 Sep 2018, Berne, CH

Where can I shoot my arrow?
DAI kitchen, performing a research / researching a proposal / proposing a performance
@Circuits and Currents, 3 July 2018, Athens, GRC

Being Outside Looking from Inside
performance by Alejandro Ceron
with Alejandro Ceron, Clara Amaral, Olivia Abächerli
@State Of Concept, 29 June 2018, Athens, GRC

How it comes to matter
group show
@Hot Wheels Projects, 1 - 3 June 2018, Athens, GRC

What happens if the tools fall apart in your hands?
DAI kitchen, lecture performance
@MACBA study centre, 23 April 2018, Barcelona, ESP

group project
with Jonathan Baumgärtner, Ciprian Burete, Lucie Draai, Elien Ronse, Zoe Scoglio, Maya Watanabe
@Probe Projects, Launch: April 2018, Arnhem, NL

Stop The World I Wanna Get Off
Olivia Abächerli, John Barker, Alejandro Ceron, Clementine Edwards and Sanne Kabalt
written by John Barker
@DAI Roaming Assembly #20: Between Subversion and Hallucination (curated by Ruth Noack)
18 March 2018, Arnhem, NL

I still need to pay my taxes
@DAI Roaming Assembly #19: Sex, Poetry and Nothing: Abolition Salon (curated by Marina Vishmidt and Kerstin Stakemeier)
18 Feb 2018, Heerlen, NL