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clay, mirror

PROBE Project 41

The intention has been to experiment in a short and defined amount of time, how a process and an exhibition can collide and change form through individual and group gestures and decisions. Clay acts as the central axis, informing the show’s methodology and material concerns and possibilities. A series of rules are defined together to structure time and allow the exhibition to morph rather than just being a series of final images. The edition includes images of the beginning and end of the process but also a GIF of the play and change, developing from each other as two individuals enter at a time, and work upon the authored shapes presented to them.

PA-AP is made up of
Olivia Abächerli, Jonathan Baumgärtner, Ciprian Burete, Lucie Draai, Elien Ronse, Zoe Scoglio and Maya Watanabe

in collaboration with Suze May Sho, Annie Fletcher, Nick Aikens and Navine G. Khan-Dossos