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If they are a map

oil pastels on wall
2 x 3 m

„Now, in order to answer that old question about where you are, it seems one has to leave the ground and travel into space, and more exactly into the cyberspace of a global satellite network. It is said that satellite positioning technology offers a definitive solution to this question, which some claim has troubled us from our origin: Where am I? (…) Even standing still, we operate at once in a number of overlapping and incommensurable networks, and so in a number of places—at once. Orienting oneself in this open and ongoing interaction appears all the more imperative and all the more impossible. “Where am I” in what? Where am I, where? In the global market, in the universe, in the family, in a corporate database, in some collective history, in the city or the desert, in the Internet, on the information superhighway?“
- Laura Kurgan

How it comes to matter
Hot Wheels Projects, Athens