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What's with privacy when it's too loud outside?

rave exhibition with Joannie Baumgärtner
contributions from: Clementine Edwards, Julian Fricker, Lukas Q. Hoffmann, Marc Hörler, Alexander Iezzi, Hannah O'Flynn, Yvonne Lanz
as part of WASBiennale, Berlin

"What's with privacy when it's too loud outside" is a performative platform and installational frame built by Joannie Baumgärtner and Olivia Abächerli, that features works and artistic practices that attempt to overgrow a dichotomy between inside/ outside, intimate/ distant, private/ public. The exhibition space is constantly being altered – creating a situation where an intimate shelter is being constructed in the middle of an ongoing performative rave. A single night deals with questions of political accountability in private places and concealed practices. In the midst of this chaotic negotiation we are asking the question: What’s with privacy when it’s too loud outside?